Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And so it begins...

THE WAITING....Now that I have myself calmed down for the most part, I can write about today.

I had a ultrasound and mammogram done today. I was impressed with how well I was treated and how much I liked the radiologist and nurse. I went back about 11:30 and had my ultrasound and then met with the radiologist who said he did want to do a mammogram and the kind. The mammogram was horrible, it seemed like it lasted FOREVER!! After that I met right with the radiologist who advised that if my cyst was 2 inches down he would 100% confirm it as breast cancer, but he isn't saying its not still and wants to do a biopsy. So I will go in bright and shiny on Monday morning for a biopsy of it and then I have to wait until Wednesday/Thursday for results. Its going to be the longest week of my life. The radiologist reassured me that he thinks we have caught it in time. He said that he is confident that I will be okay. My struggle is getting to that okay and what I will have to go through. I am upset. I couldn't catch my breathe at first and I think it SUCKS. But I know that I have a STRONG support group who will get me through this. So if I want to cry, I am going too, sometimes its the only thing that makes you feel better. And if everything turns out okay, then I will count it as another blessing in my life.

P.S. Thanks for all the comments on my last post, you girls are AWESOME!!


Eric and Jenny said...

You won't even know anything until next Wednesday or Thursday! Oh friend I am sure that seems like a lifetime away.

I wanted to tell you when I was pregnant with Luke, my OB thought my cervix looked odd and started tossing around words like cervical cancer. The day I was supposed to get some procedure done to rule out cancer was the day my water broke. So I had to wait three months before they could do anything without putting Luke at risk. On top of everything else that just about killed me, waiting is so hard I know. The not knowing just about kills me, but in the end everything was okay.

I just wanted you to know I have been there and it is awful. You are not alone, and cry away if you need to. I am thinking of you and sending you lots of love.

Thiago & Teri said...

I am with Jen. Sending you lots of love, prayers and blessings. I think we all have oddities that come up once in a while and cause us to worry about our health or the health of our kids. I sure as heck have, and they have a way of consuming you. I still feel hopeful that it will come back as nothing, and you can put all this behind you. However, worse case have caught it EARLY!! Either way, way to be on top of it and taking control of your own health. Good job. Hang in there, every day gets you closer to having this behind you. You will be just FINE!!!