Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My luck is no good...

See this BIG HUGE BEAST, yes I call it "The Beast". It sounds like a beast, drives like a beast and looks like a beast and well today this thing saved my life.

Yup, you guessed it....I got in a car accident. I am still sick just thinking about it and maybe a little traumatized. I was in 6 car accidents from my high school years until I married Bob and luckily in the almost 8 years we have been married, I hadn't been in one. Honestly, I hate driving, it scares me, people scare me and I am always afraid of getting in a bad car accident.

But today, I am driving back to work from the Chiro and I am feeling great, he was finally able to crack my neck and I am able to move it to the left again, because you see for 2 weeks, almost 3, I haven't been able to move it to the left. Anyway, back to my accident. I am turning off of Main street in Clearfield heading onto 1-93 and the light turns yellow and I go. The next thing I know a little dog runs right out in front of me, I hear people yelling from the Maverick on the right, but I slammed my breaks and two cars collided into me. At first I didn't realize I was hit, I thought I hit the dog and for what seemed like a lifetime I didn't see the little (insert bad word here). I looked up from trying to see the dog and noticed I had been hit not by one, but two cars. I moved over to the side by the maverick and got out of the car and hit the ground, I was shaking, scared and sick. Right then, a police officer pulled in and had seen the whole thing happen. Another girl who was trying to get a hold of the dog came over and talked to me and then the guy and girl who hit me came over and talked, everyone was so sweet. The cop ticketed the other 2 for following too close. They obviously also ran a red light, but I never spoke up on that, its not my place to put blame on anyone. I called my Hubby who came to the rescue. My BIG HUGE Beast has NO damage, I am completely sore again however, I can't move my neck again and my lower back is not functioning at all. It sucks!

Now in the back of my mind is all these questions, I have broke out in tears a few times today. Should I have hit the dog? And then I think, but I would have to live with that for the rest of my life, I love animals and that image would NEVER go away. Why didn't I just wait until I was off work until Bob could drive me there? Then it wouldn't have happened. I am still upset and sick, I still have the imagine of the dog running in my mind in my head. Why the heck would someone let their dog roam around like that? This is the biggest question. I don't get people, if your going to have an animal, TAKE CARE OF IT!!! So now I pray they find the owners, so that they can get what they deserve and that is 50% of the damage to the cars and whatever else happens.

Okay, I am done ranting and raving. I feel a little better. My next post is going to be happy, fun and maybe make you laugh...we'll see!


The Felds said...

Oh no! I'm sorry - what a miracle your beast wasn't damaged! $$ we know what that would have meant.

I think you did the right thing, I think the other cars were in the wrong by running the red lights (hate to say it serves them right!)

I'm sorry you were so scared! Glad your hubby came to the rescue!

Eric and Jenny said...

Oh friend I am so sorry, accidents are just so traumatizing, regardless if they are serious or not.

You definitely did the right thing, instincts kick in to stop no matter what is in your way a child, a dog, another car whatever you stop. They should not have been following too closely to you.

I understand being afraid to drive, I hate it too. In fact I refuse to drive in the dark. I fell asleep driving on Harrsion BLvd in Ogden when I was pregnant with Lance. One of the scariest moments of my life, I still can't get in the car at night and not have flashbacks to that night.