Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Patience is not fighting with your almost 2 year old daughter over shoes and a jacket that are way to small for her. Letting her figure it out herself.

Its letting her run around like a wild monkey until she no longer has any energy.

Its letting her sit on your lap for 3 hrs straight because you are the ONLY person she wants.

Its letting her not sit at the dinner table, because she doesn't believe in eating at the time we do. Her thing is running to the table, grabbing a bite, running around and doing it over and over and over again.

Its letting her throw her tantrums for hours and trying not to run out the door and leave the Hubby to handle it all.

Its letting her wear a dress that she picked out even though its 30 degrees outside and she refuses to put on anything else.

Its letting her run around naked (in the house) because she refuses to sit still for 5 seconds while you throw her diaper on.

Its letting her open and close and open and close and open and close the door 50 million times, because she doesn't remember she has 50 million toys in her room.

Its letting her lay in your bed at 2am because she is cutting molars and its the end of the world.

Its letting her have ratted hair, because the minute you brush her hair, she is screaming like someone is about to murder her.

This is girl is something else. I am not sure where she came from or how she got here, but where did my sweet innocent little girl go. If you find her, please return her, because I miss her.

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Eric and Jenny said...

I love it!

She's so cute, but oh the terrible twos are approaching huh! She seems like the life of the party, though Luke does the same thing at meal times up and down up and down, so annoying!

Good luck with patience my friend, don't we all need a little more....