Tuesday, May 1, 2012


ITS MAY, are you as excited as me?  I love May, truly LOVE May.  Its full of Birthdays, fun and the start to Summer in my opinion.

So our Summer bucket list:

Waterfall Canyon, Roy Aquactic Swimming, THE LAKE, Camping, Roasting Marshmellows, Dinner over the fire, Sun tanning, Hiking, Barbecues, STAYCATION, Running through the sprinklers, Picnic, Cowabunga Bay, Fireworks, 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off, Parades, Sleep in, Stay up past 10pm, Watch the sunset, Gateway Fountain

This is just our list now, I'm sure it will grow over time.  I can't wait for Summer, I can't wait for school to be out and I can't wait for all the fun.

What are your plans??

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Eric and Jenny said...

Summer! I am so excited, so excited. I don't think that is something that ever changes no matter how old you get, summer is just fabulous!

Today we dropped all of our plans the kids missed school and we played all day, it was amazing. It felt like the first real carefree day of the year. That is my favorite thing about the summer that you can spend an entire day playing with no guilt just pure joy.

Your list looks fantastic and you are always up to such fun things with your kids, I have complete faith you will complete each and every event on that list!