Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - Saturday

I love long weekends.....LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  And I have 3 weeks in a row of long weekends and I am super excited.

We weren't sure what our plans were going to be this weekend, the boys went camping with Grandma and Grandpa and it was Bob, Me and Lex.  Bob wanted to go to Wendover, but its a holiday weekend and they jack up prices.  So we decided not to go. 

Instead we slept in until 7:45 this morning (thats late for us) and decided to go to the Air Show.  We stopped at Target for an umbrella and arrived on base traffic FREE by 10am.  It was awesome, quickest ever.  I was thinking the crowd would be little, but I was shocked.  Utah definately prooves that rain, snow or sunshine, WE ARE THERE.

We parked right on the flight line, but walked 3 miles to the entrance of the show.  We walked through this airplane and Lexi thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Last time the air show was here, Lex had only been home 3 days.  So it was neat to take her to see the planes.

When we got to a place to sit, this guy was flying and doing all sorts of tricks.

Lexi with the ambulances by where the planes are flying.  I told her to stand with the planes in the background, well that went well and she got her way.  She is THREE, remember?

The pre-show was still going and the regular show didn't begin until 10:30.  They were flying model airplanes that people actually built, the one of above was really neat.

It got pretty cold and then it started to sprinkle.  So Lex and I took cover under the umbrella and Bob went on a hunt for an ATM, because the $40.00 I had (KEYWORD: HAD), I lost.  It never fails, I cannot carry cash on me or it goes missing.  One day I'm going to find about $500.00 that went missing, no joke!

And then the real show started.  They did a flay cermony where they present a flag that was flown across America to Fallen Officer Jared Francom's Wife, seriously beautiful and I don't know how you could NOT have a tear in your eyes.  My heart still to this day breaks for her, I can't imagine what she is going through.  But he definately will not be forgotten. 

They then had skydivers, it was neat being right there while the skydivers fell.

And then some of my favorites planes flew, the Red Angels, they are amazing and I have pictures of me at the Air Show when I was over in England and the Red Angels are flying.  Simply Amazing!!

After they flew we decided to move over by the Thunderbirds where more people were and it seemed to be warmer.  I stayed warm pretty muchthe entire time, but Bob was in shorts and FREEZING.

This plane was pretty cool and shortly after it flew it started raining again and Lex and I took cover. 

I can't remember the name of this next plane either, but it was also pretty neat.

Some more planes flew that I didn't get pictures of. I had gone and got lunch for Lex and I and then Bob went and got something.

After we ate, it started getting pretty windy and I kept looking in all directions to see what the weather was going to do.  And it kind of looked scary.

This was down south, but the clouds were moving East and behind us looked pretty scary.  Lexi announced she was cold and thats all it took for Bob to say "Lets go!"  So we thought we could beat the rain, but not even 2 mins into our 30 mins trip back to the car it started to down pour.  It was so bad that I had to keep my sunglasses on, so that I could see without getting rain in my eyes.  Lex was worn out from running/walking fast and I was frozen.  Bob carried Lex over half way back to our car and he was tired.  We finally arrived to our car and we were soak and wet and freezing.  We turned on the heat, tried to dry off and drove home.  I was sad, because I wanted to be right there watching the Thunderbirds perform, but we weren't prepared for the rain to be that bad.  We live in Utah, how many times in the forecast right? 

So we came home, changed clothes and dried off and starting replacing our sink in our kitchen.  We got a new sink about a month ago, but haven't installed it.  Talk about work.  Its almost 8 at night and still not done.  TOMORROW, no worries.  Also, tomorrow, we plan on watching the thunderbirds, whether on base or somewhere else, I will see them tomorrow and have pictures.

Happy Memorial Day weekend my friends, stay safe.

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