Sunday, May 6, 2012


I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me and that you would understand.  I wish I could take away your anger, your hurt and pain.  I wish I could make you happy every single second of the day.  I wish you didn't didn't think the world was against you and that you could understand I would fight for you, die for you and do it all over again if I had to every single second of my life.

I wish you didn't think that your Mommy and Daddy hated you and that you never said you wanted to move away.  I wish I could keep you innocent and that you never had to experience what its like for someone to pick on you for no reason at all.

I wish the doctors knew what was wrong with you and that I could help with how your feeling.  I wish so much for you Jaxon, so much.  I want you to be happy, I love your smile, your laughter andd when your happy.  I hate when your sad, mad and angry. 

I hope in 10 years you'll realize that I would do anything to make you feel good.  That I am on your side and that I will fight for you forever to be happy.

I miss my sweet boy, the one who loved on me, hugged me and smiled all day long for no reason at all. 

But I will never stop loving you Jax, not ever, not tomorrow, not in 10 years, NOT EVER!!!

You are my buddy and you mean the world to me.


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