Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had a very BUSY weekend, but it was so good.  I just hate how fast the weekends fly by, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...LOL

Friday, I went to lunch with my parents at Garcia's, then picked up Jax and headed to get Bob.  We did a late grocery shopping on Friday night because I hate the crowd on Saturdays. 

Saturday, we got up, ran errands, met my friend at Costco to pick up pictures (they are cheaper).  Then I dropped the Men off at home and went on a shopping spree.  LITERALLY, I needed to new clothes and well Lex doesn't have anyone that passes clothes to her, so she needed new summer clothes also.

We went to Target before I dropped them off, I promised my boys rollerblades for their birthdays and I can NEVER wait til their birthday.  I'm bad!

They love their rollerblades and skates so much, I think we made a great decision.

After, I went to Maurices (My Fav), Kohl's, Old Navy, Crazy 8, Children's Place and Walmart.  I was on a major hunt for white button up shirts for a reasonable price.  Old Navy was the cheapest, but I wasn't willing to pay their price for shirts my boys will wear once.  The reason for the hunt for white shirts?  Well I decided this year I'm doing summer pictures, I have booked, yes you read that right, for the first time in my almost 9 years of marriage I am paying a professional photographer to take our pictures.  So its a huge deal to me.  These pictures I will treasure forever.  So the white button shirts were a must.  Long story short, I spent lots of money and finally found white shirts and Target (Hello, why didn't I think of them to begin with?)

After shopping til I dropped.  I went home to get ready for our night out WITH KIDS.  We decided on the demolition derby with Misty, Tanner and Tess.  I was excited to just get out.  I didn't care where I went, but I love the Demolition Derby.

There were several cars that flipped during the show and it was a good show.  We left before the final because the kids were being naughty and out of control.

Then Sunday is normally my "get everything done" day like laundry, but we had a jam packed day AGAIN.

Bob needed to fix my parents laptop, we had a Birthday party, needed a new garbage disposal and still all the normal Sunday stuff of getting ready for the week needed to be done.

We had a good busy weekend.  We seen the Sun/moon yesterday, I only got pictures with my phone, it was beautiful.
Only two weeks of school left, I'm ready for it to be out.

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