Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alexia is turning THREE...

Answered by Lex herself:

Favorite Food:  Fren Fries (she doesn't even eat them)

Favorite color:  Pink and Purple

Favorite thing to do:  Play my room

Favorite Show:  DORA

Favorite Person:  Ashton, I'm shocked, they argure like no other

Favorite drink:  Water with ICE

Favorite Snack:  Pony snack (Fruit snacks)

Favorie Movie:  I like Toy Story

Favorite toy: Necklace

Favorite fruit:  Apples are fruits, nanas are fruits too (She truly loves Bananas)

Favorite outfit:  Swimsuit

Favorite place to eat:  McDonald

Favorite Animal:  Lion and a bear

Best Friend:  Ashton (Again, I'm shocked)

Favorite Cereal:  Lucky Charms

Favorite Song:  2, 4, 5 (the arby's commercial song)

What I want to be when I grow up:  A dancer

Answered by Mommy:
Size clothes:  4T

Shoe size:  7, but buying an 8

Other things:

*This girl is 100% stubborn

*She loves to shop

*She attaches herself to one toy, at my Mom's its her 3 little babies and at our house its her Dizzy dancers and her new play house we picked up at a garage sale.

*She is the pickiest eater in the family, she doesn't eat dinner most nights, she still WILL NOT eat veggies, if she looks at it and doesn't think it looks good, she doesn't like it.

*She knows how to trick her Dad.  Its kind of bad actually, he gives her everything she wants, I'm afraid its caused lots of problems and will only get worse.  He can't tell her NO, we are working on it.

*She doesn't stop talking from the time she gets up til she is OUT.

*She knows her ABC's and can point out most letters if you ask her about them.

*She knows how to count to 20

*She knows her shapes

*She loves to sing, her current favorites are "A women like you"  and she will always love "apple bottom jeans" unfortunately.

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