Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I finally joined the rest of the world and downloaded the INSTAGRAM app on my phone and I AM ADDICTED.

A Saturday afternoon outing to Cafe Rio, love love love Cafe Rio and so do Ashton and Lex, Jax, well not so much.

Yes, I'm raising a monkey!

Chinese food the other night and well I was playing with Instagram while waiting for the food.  Yes, I am Boar.  The friend part is very true.  I've got 3 friends I'm very close too and they will never go away.

My cute puppy, she is currently shedding her winter coat and I wouldn't let her sit on me because I was wearing black, she was mad.

My other monkey I'm raising.


Yes, this beauty happened just 30 minutes ago, I am telling you every year around this girls birthday she has to do something to get hurt and its ALWAYS on the face.  Last year, she broke her nose 2 weeks before her Birthday.

She loves her Great Grandma

My favorite flip flops from Maurices

Saturday I had a down day, I wasn't having it, I was bugged by the world and well Starbucks fixed that.

There you have it, our life kind of in Instagram!!!

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Thiago & Teri said...

It is fun isn't it. I go through spurts where I play with my all the time, and then I forgot about it for a few weeks. Fun pics.