Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jaxon is turning EIGHT

Favorite Food:  Cold Macaroni

Favorite color:  Blue

Favorite thing to do:  Play with my dog

Favorite Show: Regular Show (Don't ask me!)

Favorite Person:  Austin (friend at school)

Favorite drink: 7UP

Favorite Snack:  Peanut crackers

Favorie Movie:  Spy Kids

Favorite toy: Boat

Favorite fruit:  Oranges

Favorite outfit: T-ball shirt

Favorite place to eat: Chinese Gourmet

Favorite Animal:  Tiger

Best Friend:  Frankie

Favorite Cereal:  Frosted Flakes

Favorite Song:  Eye of the Tiger

What I want to be when I grow up:  A cop or work for the FBI

Things about Jax at eight: 

*Wears a Medium shirt and 12 in pants (height only)

*Wears a size 4 shoe (Yes you read that right, he has HUGE feet)

*He has a huge heart and is always worried about everyone

*He is always busy doing something, riding his bike, skateboarding, riding his scooter, playing cars, playing with his friends or watching a show on TV.

*He hates cartoons, I think its his age, he loves animal planet and discovery network. 

*He doesn't like spicy food.

*He could eat and eat and eat and eat and eat if I'd let him ALL DAY.

*I have to remind myself all the time how old he is, because its gone by so fast.

Thats Jax at eight, today is his last day being seven and it kind of breaks my heart.

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