Sunday, November 28, 2010

My top 10 things for Christmas

I have seen some people do this and I thought I would share what I am wanting for Christmas. Now DO NOT get me wrong, I am NOT getting all of this, its just want I dream about I guess is the right words.

1. First, this lovely video camera, one day I will be the proud owner of it. And if not for Christmas then next year I will have it.

2. This is pretty close to my first one, but its a more reasonable price for my "big" gift this year. I am dying for this, its what my floors need and bad.

3. Who has these? And do you love them? I want a pair of slipper socks to put on when I get home from work. PERFECT in my eyes!!

4. I need this for my new ipod Bob got me for my Birthday.

5. I want a picture frame similiar to this one, the one I want is at Quilted Bear and you can put several pictures in it.

6. Why I want this? I am not sure myself, because I don't have any jewelry to put in it. LOL

7. I am in dire need of a new one of these, now that I can curl Lex hair, I need one bad.

8. My sister just got me the cutest gray boots for my Birthday, but now I need a brown and black pair.

9. I have some ear buds, but their getting old, so some new ones would be nice and this could be a stocking stuff.

10. They have this sweater at Old Navy and I have had my eyes on it for awhile day I may be the proud owner of it.

So this is my list. What I will probably get is something like a gift card and then I will spend the money on my kids, thats just what happens when you become a Mom.

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Eric and Jenny said...

You just reminded me I want a jewelry organizer for Christmas, I need to go add that to my list.

If that isn't the truth buying for your kids and nothing for yourself. Every year Eric and I say we will set a budget for the kids and then get something for each other and every year it seems the closer it gets to Christmas we say scratch that let's not get each other gifts this year!