Friday, September 30, 2011

School Stuff

I don't really remember Jaxon coming home with all this stuff in Kindergarten, we were lucky if Jaxon's stuff survived the class room let alone coming home. Ashton on the other hand is proud of his work and loves to show it to EVERYONE.

The one thing I am learning is that kids really are so different, it doesn't matter that they have the same Mom and Dad, they are just different. Jax loves to play, run, be creative (in ways that have nothing to do with school) and do lots of activities. Ashton loves school, he thrives off of school, he loves to share his work with us, he loves homework, he just LOVES going to SCHOOL. I'm not saying Jaxon hates school, because he doesn't, he loves school because he gets to see his friends, not because of work.

So today was Johnny Appleseed Day and Ashton came running out to the truck with a big smile on his face to tell me about the day. I almost cried because I love how excited he gets. He told me what they did from the time he got there until he left. It was the cutest thing ever.

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