Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM

I honestly had never read this book and I am sad that I just found it.

Jaxon was given a project....OH WAIT, I, YES ME was given a project to find a silly story and make it into a play thing. I stressed and stressed and stressed about this. I honestly felt like I was in school again. I went to every store looking for a funny book minus Barnes and Noble. I found this at the Target in Riverdale and loved it. I made a coconut tree and found some letters and Jax presented it to his class today. He was super nervous and so was I, but I'm pretty proud of him. He concurred a fear and did very well.

He got a classmate to help him with the letters, but they wouldn't stay up.

If you haven't read or seen the book, you'll have to check it out. Its a fun book for kids.

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Eric and Jenny said...

Love it, cause we all know them getting a project means we get a project. Thanks for making me laugh!