Friday, September 9, 2011


First of all.......GUESS WHAT??????


Okay, I won't make you wait any longer......I GOT MY CAMERA, I am the proud and I mean PROUD owner of a brand new Canon T2I, to say I am in love is an understatement. I'm so happy that I have a permanent smile on my face and I can't stop thinking about all the pictures I wanna take with this thing.

But I'm sure you are sick of hearing me wine about a camera.....SO, lets talk about our little getaway.

We packed up...

Took this little girl to spend the night with her Grandma..especially since Grandpa was gone.

Picked up these two cuties who were surprised by my new camera and Jax said "OH NO, Mom has a new camera!!!" Yes, I do Son, YES I DO. We decided to take the boys with us, its tradition now to go to Park City, spend lots of money and have fun.

Then stopped after checking into our hotel at Crown Burger to eat.

I think he is pretty cute, the girl who gets him when he is older is going to have to have a LONG talk with me, because she better treat him right....LOL

We went back to the hotel (did I mention we got this for FREE? Yes, we did. A dear friend at work gave us her reward points to use for a FREE hotel stay.) and swam. They have a water slide that goes on the outside, but it was closed for the winter....YES WINTER....YUCK!!!!

Then I bribed them with their treats to go back to the room. I wanted to relax and watch Big Brother...yes, I'm addicted to reality TV.

I'm telling you he is so cute and I could photograph him ALL DAY. He has that perfect face for photography or maybe I am biased, who knows, I am his Mom.

We had every intention of going to the Alpine slide, but they didn't open until 11am. I am an early riser, we got up to Park City at 8am. I like to get things done. Well the outlets opened at 10am and shopped til we dropped and the boys were NAUGHTY. Jax was on a roll and Ash was SICK OF SHOPPING. Funny thing is, they got tons of new clothes and brand new shoes. I had no intentions of buying more shoes for them and well, I DID. So I think they should be happy we shopped...right? So by the time we lefted, we both decided to go home, I was missing Lex bad. Next year I will take her for sure.

We let the boys run around at the park until the stores opened. Then we hit....ready for this....Old Navy, Childrens Place, Fossil, Downeast Outfitters (My fav store), Famous Footwear, Bose and Carters. Yes, we spent money in every single store. Bob finally got his watch he has been wanting and new Bose speakers for the computer that he has been drooling over for years. Hey, he did buy me a new camera, so I had to let him get SOMETHING.

While I was in the store, the boys did this...

Which is a good thing, because they may not have came out of a couple of stores ALIVE.... :\

We then left, hit McDonalds for kids meals and went home to see this cute face...

She is pretty cute and I missed her quite a bit.

Dora slippers....whats better than that?

And now its time to put all this away....YIKES, anyone wanna help?

Stay tuned...Family pictures on Sunday, I'm pretty excited.


Sunset Stanley said...

FUN! I have not shopped in Park City since I was like 12. No joke. I always want to go but never do it. I'll have to make it a priority one day!

Eric and Jenny said...

I hope the family pictures go okay and everybody behaves themselves, so stressful!

Yes you sure got some great pictures of Ashton, you are not biased he is extra cute. Love that one of him with his hands up by his face, his expression is so sweet.

Way to go on the shopping, it all looks great and have fun with that new camera!

Tiff and Chris said...

Love Park City! I agree with you about Ashton...he is freakin' adorable in those pictures! I'm glad you finally were able to get your camera. Let us know how you your camera. I'm getting ready to purchase a nice one.