Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

First of all, I have decided on a camera. I was dead set on the T3I, which is the most expensive, but NO ONE around here sells them and the last thing I want to do is WAIT, I have zero patience, as I am sure you are well aware of. So here is what is came down to, I could buy the T3I for $1000.00 from Best buy and just the camera, no extras at ALL or I found at Costco a whole package deal on the T2I for $849.00, it comes with an extra lens, extra battery, SD card and some other extra stuff. To me this was the better deal and really there aren't many differences between the T3I and T2I, so I will be getting the T2I and spending $150.00 less. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good deal, so thats the deal. I will have my brand new camera in hands tomorrow (when Costco is open, because they closed today). I probably won't sleep tonite....LOL

Next, I thought I for sure knew what I wanted to do for picture outfits, well that was until I sat down to figure out what the boys would wear and could match NOTHING to Lexi's outfit and I meant NOTHING. I have searched HIGH AND I'm changing it, but I there will be gray in it somewhere, because there is tons of gray stuff, just tying it all together will be a challenge and well Lexi has a new outfit for Fall. Nothing wrong with that right? So here is what I have in mind. A guy sweater with this adorable cute skirt that has brick red in it from Old Navy for Lex. For Me, a gray sweater with a brick red shirt underneath it with jeans and boots. For the boys, a gray button up with brick red shirts under them and that does include Bob. Next year, I'm hiring someone to pick out my outfits.

So for now the whole reason for this post...Labor Day. We did nothing, which is okay with me. My Sister and I picked out material for Lexi's halloween costume, its her new hobby, so she says. Stay tuned for that, its a surpise.

This morning while the breeze was blowing and it wasn't scorching hot, we went for a walk at Jensen Park in Syracuse. We took food for the ducks and we had lots of fun. The ducks kept following us and the kids were cracking up.

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Sunset Stanley said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you to get your new camera! I know how happy it will make you.

And it's so funny your comment about picking outfits because I was just barely thinking that you need to help me pick ours. I think it's so hard and you always do so well!