Monday, September 5, 2011

Our weekend

Yesterday we went to the park to let the kids run around. I'm staring at this pictures and they make me sick, because the quality is HORRIBLE, but I guess atleast I have pictures right?

We had a very low key weekend, Bob spent ALL day Saturday fixing the truck once again. The boys went to the lake yesterday, hence Ashtons outfit at the park.

Later we sat out back with a fire. It was nice, not hot at all and I love it. Having a fire in the summer is torture. The kids ate an entire bag of marshmellows, talk about stomach ache, I had one for them.

Jax took Lex for a ride all around the yard on his scooter, it was funny and she was laughing so hard. She is also in her underwear, they are inside out and backwards.

Today, I think were gonna for a hike or walk or something. And TOMORROW, Bob and I celebrate 8 years of marriage...Yup, we sure do.

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