Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Saturday

I needed a nice weekend after this week.

Ashton ended up having asthma attacks all week, then got a double ear infection (the kid has never even had an ear infection) and missed 2 days of school. I lost it all on Thursday, Ash was up late crying from 1am until I went to work at 5:30. I was late to work and I am NEVER late, I was 1 minute late and normally I'm there 20 mins early. I cried because Ash didn't feel good and I had to go to work. It was quite a week, but I survived and only used a couple hours of unplanned time.

Sooooooooo.....I wanted a good weekend. I love Saturdays, its my time with MY FAMILY all day LONG!!

So we got up, cleaned house, the girls went to Ross for some shopping and then we went grocery shopping as a family. ALL 6 of us, we have Bob's daughter this weekend. Then we came home unloaded and headed to my most favorite place....WANNA GUESS? Jensen Park.

Fed the ducks...

Do you think ducks ever get sick of bread? I'm just curious!

Ate some rocks....naughty puppy!!

Drank some nasty water to help the rocks go down....AGAIN naughty puppy!!!

Throw a piece to the ducks and then eat one myself....I got proof LEX!!!

Tease the ducks from the bridge...

Or strut your stuff on the bridge...

Sneak up on ducks

Then we took the trail and on the way to the back ran into this girl and her Dad, they had caught the biggest frog EVER...So guess what we did for the next hour. 3 kids were determined to find a frog.

So we hunted...

And hunted...

And hunted.....

And hunted with NO SUCH LUCK. They spotted a few, but were impossible to reach. The girly side of me was happy, but the Mom side of me was bummed for my kiddos.

And this little girl...I've decided, she is 90% girl and 10% DIRT...yes you read that ride, she is a girly girl, but loves DIRT...WHY???

And then this little girl gave me the best laugh, she is a brave little 1 pounder. Walks in the water and it drops off and down goes Daisy, she had to swim for her life, but made it out alive.

And then she rolled around in the dirt. I seriously love this dog, she is hilarious!

The kids discovered tadpoles or "tadfish" as Ashton called them and we spent another 15 mins trying to put one or three into a water bottle. ITS WAS UNSUCCESSFUL, but they still had fun trying.

The one thing I learned though is that my Son Jaxon has NO PATIENCE whatsoever. He was mad that he didn't have one the first minute. I had to explain to him that he is going to go through trials in life and things aren't always going to go his way, but its in how he deals with them that makes things happen. I don't think he gets it still....BUT we're working on it.

Overall, a great Saturday and now its relaxation and I'm making the Husband watch a chick flick....I know I'm!!

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