Saturday, September 3, 2011

OH how I love September...

September ranks up highly with May, I love September. Its not scorching HOT, its just right. Its the month I got married and one of the many reasons I love September.

Just a picture I never posted and thought was cute, well Lexi, not me....LOL

Lexi is obsessed with popcicles or doracicles as she calls them. They are slow melt and I love them, because she isn't covered in them by the time she is done.

Boys, their pretty goofy. My boys come up with the most random things to do. Today it was trying to fit both of them on one bike.

This little girl is always left alone to figure stuff out, I feel bad for her, she is never invited to play with the boys. But she is pretty independent.

We have a pretty good list for Fall/Winter and here it is...
~This is in no particular order at ALL

*Celebrate our 8th Anniversary
*Lexi completely POTTY TRAINED, she is on day 6 of no diapers, but she does wear one to bed. Is it sad that I am not ready for her to be potty trained?
*Park City, Alpine Slide and SHOPPING!!!
*Snowbasin tram ride to the top of the mountain
*NEW CAR....I want to shout this REALLY loud, I'll save this for another post.
*Salsa making...YAY, my favorite
*More Jam, Peach and Raspberry
*Canned Peaches, one of my favorites growing up
*Halloween decorations, I want to decorate my yard, buy a little each year
*Family pictures, thanks to my dear friend Sunset and I will have a NEW camera.
*Pumpkin patch
*Pumpkin carving
*Costume shopping, we have a new halloween store right around the corner
*Haunted houses, Jax wants to go this year, I was younger than him when I first started going.
*Sledding in Park City
*Soup party (its tradition now)
*bake cookies
*Gingerbread houses, even though ours NEVER turns out.
*Neighbor treats
*Christmas decorations
*Pumpkin cheesecake

And I am sure there are many more, but these are all I can remember right now.

And here is a sneak peak at the cutest boots for Lex for our family pictures next weekend.

I'm in love...and I am getting my camera Tuesday....YAY!!!!


Thiago & Teri said...

Great list friend...september is fabulous. The start of a whole lot of fun stuff. And yes, Lex's boots are absolutely adorable. Sometimes when I see things like that I feel sad I don't have a girl, I sure would have fun shopping for one. Oh my boys. Can't wait to see the family pictures, here all about your new car, and see what camera you decided on. (I say go for the expensive one, I know we love our picture taking, and I don't think you'ld be sorry)

Tiff and Chris said...

Those sound like fun! I'll have to copy your list and see how many I can do here in Texas :) Lex is such a cutie-my niece is in a popsicle phase too-adorable! Bummer about your camera-such a terrible feeling to know you've been violated like that...

Eric and Jenny said...

Oh I have so much to say!

First love Miss Lexi's boot, where did you get them, I must have them for K?

Now can I come join in for your family fun the next few months, that looks like one fun list you have going there.

And you are getting a new camera, I am so happy for you. But it must kill you to have to spend money on something that was stolen from you. It's such a hard decision on which camera to get. I am upgrading to another camera in the next few months and for the life of me I can't decide which one to go for. At first I thought I would stick with Olympus because that is what I already know. But I really want the Nikon D7000, which means I would have to sell my camera and all of my lenses. That sounds annoying to have to do, but I can't get the Nikon out of my head. Anyways I am sure you don't really care about my problem here, but yes I understand the dilemma you are having my friend. Good luck!