Saturday, October 1, 2011


If you haven't checked out the new place in West Haven called Wood Creations, I highly suggest checking it out. Its amazing! Their wood is super cute and they have tons of different ideas. The paper and paint are a little pricey, you may want to stick with Walmart for those, but I loved all their wood.

I did the following two, started yesterday and finished them today.

I love them and am in love with this place. I will be going back Friday for more....Yay for being crafty!!

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Sunset Stanley said...

I love that store! Me, my mom and sister did the wood class a couple of weeks ago and it was fun! I thought the price was worth it because they provided the glitter and paper, plus you get to leave the mess there :) I have a couple of projects I need to finish before I'm allowed to go back!