Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Camera Fun

I love my new camera...Love it!!

Its good for capturing sassy attitudes.

Shocked attitudes when a certain girly girl doesn't get her way.

Love faces.

giggly faces.

Tired faces.

Loving Daddy moments.

I am still learning how to use the bigger lens, I didn't realize it was that different. I am looking at a class to take, but can't decide on one just yet with my extremely busy schedule.

I have lots to blog about...hopefully soon.


Eric and Jenny said...

Such cute pictures, I love love love the last two. That one of Bob and Lexi so cute, you must frame that one of her and her daddy. What a treasure.

Thiago & Teri said...

So many fun posts...love, love love all of your fun pictures with your new camera. I agree Ashton does make a dang cute subject, then again they all do. I love your family pictures, all of them. Great colors and outfits you chose, everyone looks so great in all of them.