Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer swimming....

So much for a hot summer day, but we weren't going to let it keep us go. So to the Roy Aquatic we went.

These two fishies could swim no matter what, rain, sunshine or snow. They don't care at all!

And this little fishy in green through a fit, she is good at it nowadays. It took forever for her to warm up, I think she thought she was at the lake, but she wasn't. But she kept calling the water the ocean. She would say "I go swim in the ocean Mommy!"

There was only one bad thing about the whole time, we NEVER have a dull moment in this family. EVER!!!

Jax had been begging and begging and begging to go off the diving board, I kept saying NO. But he was convinced he would be fine. I told him to show me how to swim in 5 feet water and well he did. I finally caved, but said only if his Dad was sitting right on the side. So Bob sat on the side and Jax ran and jumped. Well he couldn't swim and couldn't keep his head above water, Bob jumped in a long with the life guard and I lost 10 years off my life. So no jumping off the diving board for Jax. He looked at me after and said "Mom, I thought I could touch!" I said, "You aren't 10 feet tall Jax, I am not either!" "Oh!" He said. I feel bad, because I should've just said no, but Jax was trying to prove me wrong. Thank goodness for Bob, although he would've never went without Bob there, because I am not a fan of the deep side myself and I can swim.

And then as soon as we leave, Mr. Sunshine makes his grand entrance. Oh Utah!!!

PS: I forgot my camera, so these are all with my phone, I am good at forgetting it lately.

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Eric and Jenny said...

You do always have some kind of crazy adventure don't you! Poor Jaxon, oh well live and learn. I guess now at least he won't bug you anymore about jumping off!

Silly weather today, we were supposed to go to Lagoon and ended up not going. I am so glad we didn't we would have got rained on all day!