Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another beach day

Yes, we really have been here EVERY single weekend for the last month, but I love it. Yesterday was way fun, they had a Monster knee boarding contest going on and it was free to go where we went, but $10.00 if you went in. I think we had the best seats to the show.

The water is perfect here, its warm, less crowded and its not deep which is perfect for the kids.

We spent 7 hrs here yesterday...playing, running, eating, jumping, splashing, swimming and relaxing on the tube. I love it, its nice to get out of the city life and break away to the mountains and enjoy the mountain life. But when I am done, I am done!!

Lexi isn't one bit afraid of the water now, she loves it, but scares me, because she has no fear. I also had a bad dream about her and water last night, I woke up sick to my stomach this morning.

Jax and Lex built a river going to the water in the sand. This brought back memories to my childhood. I remember playing in the sand for hours and hours building things.

The people next to us had these cools kayak things. My boys loved them and the people let my kids play on them for hours. I think I know what I will be purchasing them soon. I loved watching them laugh and smile on these things.


Sunset Stanley said...

This looks like fun! I bet the kids love it.

Eric and Jenny said...

What a great day! I hate the bad water dream I had one of Luke years ago, and it still haunts me!