Friday, July 22, 2011


I could list a million reason why I LOVE FRIDAYS...

But, I'll spare you with a couple.

1. I get off at 9:30am, yes I am a morning person, I go to work at 5:30 and am off at 9:30. ITS GLORIOUS!!

2. I have the whole day to spend with my 3 monkeys either basking in the sun, shopping or whatever we want. I LOVE IT!!

3. Its the start of the weekend...HELLO!!!

I love to live at the pool or lake as much as possible in the summer and everytime we have gone to the aquatic center, I have forgotten my camera. NOT TODAY!!!

This little girl, I've got her trained, she loves the water, I had to fight her to leave today. Its a good thing, because this family LOVES water.

This picture makes me smile.

Here the smile to prove she LOVES it. Swimmin, Swimmin!!!

And this monkey....Oops, I mean FISH, he would stay all day if I'd let him. I think he left the pool once and that was on break.

The floaties last 2 mins and she wanted them off.

This was pretty funny, Jax loves the twirly slide, but he goes down 1 MPH and Bob got down before Jax even hit the bottom.

Yes Ashton, you have to sit for 15 minutes, thats it.

Bob's hilarious jump off the high dive, he just advised me that he has to go a couple times in order to do something cool....whatever....

My fish.

My poor Jax has no meat on his bones and gets cold really fast. I need to beef him up.

He makes me laugh.

I love FRIDAYS and this is why...after a long week, this is just what I need.

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