Friday, July 8, 2011

FRIDAY, I'm in LOVE...

Sadly, my time off is coming to an end and I am not happy. I love being home with my kids and even though we went no where this week, it was still fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. We also accomplised a lot this week. We finished our yard (pics to come), I kept up on laundry, my house was clean for ONE day, YES ONE DAY!!! We laughed together, watched TV together, had breakfast, lunch and dinner together, made many trips to 7-11 for treats and bug juice. Went swimming, wrestled, got rocket balloons, watched the last space shuttle launch this morning and enjoyed each others company.

My kids are growing too fast. Jaxon is a 7 year old going on 18, he thinks he knows everything. I love listening to him. He has a huge heart. Ashton, my 5 year old that has grown the most this last year never shuts up. He could talk your ear off for hours. His imagination is wild. Lex, my 2 year old, she has proven that the terrible twos are definately TRUE. Last night she got in trouble and I made her go inside and she was crying at the door, she said, "But I'm stinking cute Mommy!" We laughed for hours. She is fiesty!

I wish I never had to work another day in my life, but I do. I have to provide things for my ever growing kids. And unfortunately one income just doesn't cut it. I also have fears that some people will never understand and if something ever happens to my Husband I want to make sure that my kids will have health insurance, because heaven knows we need it. And also, that I can provide for my kids.

Jaxon, Ashton and Lexi, thanks for the laughs this week. I love you all deeply!

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