Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another lake day...

I have decided the lake is my favorite place to take pictures. I have recently discovered the black and white option on my camera and I AM IN LOVE with it. I want a new lens so bad, my lens hasn't been working correctly and its beginning to make me mad. So hopefully before our trip in August, we will have a new lens.

We contemplated the lake all Friday and all day yesterday, my Dad had to work until 2:30, the skies were blue and it was hot. We wanted badly to get away to the lake, but wasn't sure if it would be a waste of time. We left at 1:30 and headed up to get a spot, it was perfect, the lake was perfect, the skies were still blue and I was in heaven.

Lex will NOT get in the lake, I am not sure what it is, but she is scared to death. I got her to walk in long enough to wet one foot and she booked it right out. O'well, one day I won't be able to keep her out of it.

This guy, he is a fish. He loves every single thing about the lake. I love how adventerous my boys are, they find the most random things to play with.

Out on a hunt for something entertaining.

Running and jumping and skipping rocks, some of my favorite things when I was a kid.

And if this doesn't say I LOVE IT!!! Well then I don't know what does.

And Jaxon, well I thought he'd never go in water again after his incident at Roy Aquatic, but he proved me wrong, he went in and it was hard to get him out. I have to fight with him to eat something and then fight with him to not take the food in the water and eat it. He is literally a fish.

Some of my favorite moments, watching these two bond.

And when I say they find the most interesting things, this is what I meant. I think Jax played on this log for a good 2 hrs.

And this little Diva, just walked around all day letting everyone know she is still cute, attitude and ALL!!!

Last weekend when we were there we seen this huge tire and people were playing on it. We got in that area this time and the tire was a huge hit, but for the older people.

Lexi's boyfriend Kasen, my Best Friend Lindsey's son. He loved the water.

Lex thought she was cold. And Kasen stole per "tart" as Lex calls it and he had it done in no time. Way to go Kasen!!!

Lex bonding with her Uncle Justin, she has him wrapped around her fingers a million times. She squeals and he runs to her. She convinced him to let her have a Dr. Pepper. She almost went home with him too.

Ashton getting loves from his Great Grandma.

And not too long after this picture, the skies turned grey and well we packed up in 10 mins and no kidding were in the car and it down poured. We had a blast though and I can't wait to go back next weekend. I love the lake, I JUST LOVE SUMMER!!!


Eric and Jenny said...

Was this yesterday? Cause yes the storm yesterday came on so fast, it was crazy. Eric was out grilling hamburgers with blue skies then all of a sudden pouring rain. The pour hamburgers didn't make it!

Love your lake pictures, cute little Lex I love that girl and all of her feistiness!

BMK3 said...

So fun!! I love going to the lakes and beaches in the summer! Is this at Willard?! I seriously cannot believe how much water there is! Your kids are growing up so fast and big!

Thiago & Teri said...

What a fun day. We had a swim day yesterday too, and yes the weather was perfect. I listened to the weather that morning and was a little worried, that made it sound like rain, but the sky was beautiful all day. Yay. Fun pictures, Lex makes me laugh....when you've got it, you've got it, right little miss.