Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 Years

Some days it feels like an eternity and other days it seems like just yesterday. Two years ago today I kissed my Husband good-bye as he was rolled to the OR, I remember we held hands and I had a tear go down my face when Bob said "I'll be okay!" At the time I didn't know if it was true and for months after that, I never believed it was true either. I am so thankful for the doctors who saved Bob's life, TRULY saved Bob's life. He was dying and from the outside nobody knew. I will forever be grateful for those doctors who spent weeks figuring out what was wrong and the surgeons who spent 14 hrs saving his life. I will never forget when the surgeon came and talked to me and said "Well, its over, BUT he is badly beat up and its going to be a long road!" It truly was a long road, but worth every second. During that year I learned so much about life. I learned how strong I truly am. I learned the importance of prayers, I learned that Family is and always will be the rock that you need. I learned that life is short. I learned that rough things happen to make people stronger or closer. I learned about the heart, I truly feel like I know more about a heart than any other organ in the body. When someone says something, I know what they are talking about. Bob and I have become closer than we ever have been in the last two years. Our relationship isn't perfect, but I feel like we now know each other more than we ever have.

So today, today I can talk about it without crying, I realize looking back that it was a blessing and its hard to understand to many, but we are so much better off today then we were before then. We have learned what truly is needed to survive in life. We have more today than we ever have. We survived one of the TOUGHEST years of our lives and made it out together and WHOLE. We realize that CANNOT be taken for Granted, live it too the fullest, forgive and forget. Cherish those that you love truly and HAVE FUN.

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