Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More vacation....

We had all intentions of swimming today, but the weather called for thunderstorms and I didn't want to chance it. And here it is almost 6pm and blue skies ALL day, kind of bummed.

But we made the best of our day anyway.

We headed to the Roy frontrunner station and wait for like 20 mins and boarded the train. Lex has never been and now I know why I hadn't wanted to take her. IT WAS ONE BIG DISASTER...

We had to strap her in her stroller, it was crowded and she wanted to run EVERYWHERE. She also doesn't have a quiet voice, this is due to her ear problems, but not everywhere understands that. So when she wants something, well everyone knows.

We honestly could not arrive at Salt Lake fast enough. But once we got there, it was better. We ate lunch at the food court and then walked around and headed over to the fountain. I forgot the kids swim suits. MOTHER OF YEAR AWARD! But it was HOT! I wanted to go to Old Navy and I knew exactly why, they were have screaming deals, I got Lex a bunch of tank tops for next year for 2.45 and some sandals for 3.24. SERIOUSLY, I LOVE OLD NAVY!!!!

Then my kids started fighting and I knew it was time to go, so we headed back, caught trax and then got on Frontrunner. Well this was a bigger disaster then going. Lex was tired, ornery and wanted to crawl under the seats, talk about disgusting. She is quite the hand full.

And she makes it so hard to get mad at this cute little face of hers. So I strapped her in her stroller again and the whole way back she sung Dora songs and yelled at her brothers. Poor people on the train. Next time, we will drive our car.

These guys were good on the train, they love it, but sadly we won't go on it again for awhile.

Overall, we had a blast, I love spending time with my family and this was just a lesson that a 2 year old doesn't belong on a train. I laugh about it now and it will be a good memory.


Eric and Jenny said...

Eric keeps saying he wants to ride the front runner cause he thinks the boys would get a kick out of it. I keep reminding him Katelynn is a nightmare in the car so I can't even imagine being stapped in on that thing with her screaming the entire way. Hopefully I win this debate, I will read him your post, add some points for my side!

Love Old Navy too, I was just there last week and bought me a ton of stuff and nothing for the kids how do you like that!! Sometimes you just need a few new things.

Sunset Stanley said...

Uh oh! That's not good. I've been wanting to take Bella because she LOVES trains. I might chance it.. ha ha. I'm glad you made the best of it anyway and had a good day.