Friday, June 17, 2011

Surgery Day

It was a early start to the day and I am exhausted.

Lexi thought it was all FUN and GAMES at first, it was toys galore EVERYWHERE...

And then she was off in the wagon and I cried, it was hard for me, because she was so happy and really had no clue what was about to happen.

When I seen her I lost it again, she looked horrible and by horrible I mean in a lot of pain. They knocked her back out because she woke up SCREAMING the first time, so when she was in the PACU I couldn't even touch her. It was horrible. But we quickly moved to recovery and Mommy's loves was all she needed to calm down.

She drank all her apple juice after about 30 mins. And then she started screaming for her IV to be taken out. I talked with the nurse and she removed it. Then I told her that I thought she would be better if we left and they let us go. So from start to finish we were there 5 hrs.

Her wound, I haven't seen it, but it has stitches that will dissolve. Doctor said she did amazing in surgery and being put under.

And this is what the rest of her day has been, relaxing watching Dora. She is very emotional, she will say "Doctor mean, mean!" and just start bawling. At one point I couldn't get her calmed down and she cried herself to sleep.

I feel so bad for her and I think she is mad at me, but one day I hope that she appreciates that they took care of it while she was younger.

Overall, she is doing good, I didn't expect her to be this groggy, but its okay. Lots of love and Lexi time and she will be back to herself in NO TIME. Thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes.

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Eric and Jenny said...

Poor little girl that's so sad she keeps talking about the mean doctor. Though I am so glad it went well and she is gettting lots of mommy and Dora time!