Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ashton's Favorites at FIVE...

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Hot chips (Pork rinds, honestly he eats the whole bag)

Favorite TV show: Scooby Doo

Favorite thing to do: Play in the dirt

Favorite Animal: Bugs (reallY?)

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite snack: Chips & Salsa

Best Friend: Aidan Jensen

Somethings about Ash:

*He weighs 48 lbs and is the thinnest he has ever been.

*He keeps me on my toes, he isn't afraid of ANYTHING.

*He is sensitive, it doesn't take much to make him cry. But we are working on this.

*He loves to talk and I mean NON-STOP!!!

*He becomes friends with everyone.

*He is a MAJOR Mama's boy, what can I say, he loves his MAMA!!!

*He hates shoes, hense th reason he has had stitches once and dermabond twice. He is always splitting open his toes. And it doesn't matter what temp it is outside, ASHTON HATES SHOES!!!

*He is stubborn, we argue about things daily.

*He loves hot things, I swear he is missing a taste bud.

*He always has cuts, bruises and scrapes on his legs, it seriously looks like he got in a fight with a mountain lion, but only on his legs.

*He loves his sleep, he will sleep from 8pm to 9am and I love it, I wish all my kids would follow that.

I can't believe today is his last day of being 4, he has grown up WAY too fast. I told him the other day that I was okay with him staying 4 and he said "Mom, I have to turn 5 so I can go to the BIG school!" But it sucks, once their in school it goes by too fast. So my sweet boy enjoy your last day of FOUR and I guess you can turn FIVE tomorrow.

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