Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our dog Ridge

Oh how I love this dog!

My Parents brought him home my Junior year of High School just after the football season had ended at Northridge. We named him Ridge. He was the best dog ever. He was loving, goofy, playful and an around great dog. He loved kids and people in general. He knew when people were sick and he loved to play ball. We had some of the best times with him. There was never a time he missed a crumb that fell on the floor. I use to tell my Mom that I needed Ridge to come over and clean up my floor. He would wait by the grill for a piece of meat to fall off. He was convinved he was a lap dog, he wanted to be right up in your lap missing nothing. He followed my kids around like a little duckling. He hated being outside during the last couple of years, but if you were grilling, he was there. He had something happen with his voicebox and could never really bark. My kids loved him, my parents loved him and my whole family loved him. Today he went to Heaven, I am trying to remind myself that he is better off, but still it hurts. I realize he is a dog, but animals become such a huge part of your life. Its hard to explain to your kids. Jax kind of gets it, Ashton isn't sure and Lex, she is too little to even know. During the last year Ridge got an infection, my Parents tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING. My Mom was pretty religious about cleaning his ears out, making sure he was on the right food and taking him for check ups. Well things took a turn for the worse last night when he started having seizures and his ears was gushing blood and infection. My Mom said she didn't want him to suffer any longer and rather than be selfish, the best thing to do was set him free. So today at 11:45 he went to doggy heaven. I don't think he can ever be replaced. There is no dog out there that can be as goofy and loving as Ridge.

RIP Ridge, we love you dearly and will miss you FOREVER!!!

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Sunset Stanley said...

Totally made me cry :( I'm sorry for you and your families loss. All dogs do go to heaven! <3