Saturday, June 4, 2011

The littlest things in life....

like a HOT summer day...

Running around with no shirt on.

Summer games such as Lasso Golf.

A new summer outfit.

Running around like a wild child.

Chips and salsa, need I say more.

Hot pink extensions in your hair. Yes, she has a hot pink extension in her hair. I love it, its so stinkin cute!

Trampoline fun with your best friend, your brother!

Kicking back with an ice cold drink, even if it is in a sippy cup.

More running around with no shirt on.

Finding creative games to play that include begging your Grandpa and Aunt to drag you around on blanket across the yard.

Bouncing really high and trying to touch the sky.

Admiring the yard work that your Daddy did all day (more on this later).

I love the little things in life and feel blessed, my family is here and healthy, what more could a girl want?

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