Monday, June 20, 2011

Our weekend and few odds & ends...

Our weekend was great, I unfortunately took no pictures besides the ones below...I know, I am bad lately!

Friday was Lex surgery and we just relaxed.

Saturday, my boys slept until 9am, YES, you read that right! I even checked on them 3 times to make sure they were breathing. I know...lame right!! I actually woke them up at 9:15, we had plans and I needed them to get ready. But a funny story first...Lex was so out of it after her surgery on Friday, she went to bed that night still kind of loopy, she woke up crying at 5:30am, so Bob grabbed her and brought her to our bed and I got her calmed down. When she was finally calm, she lifted her shirt and says "Mommy, where my hernia go?" I busted laughing, she had no clue it was gone, I told her it went bye-bye and she goes "OH!! Okay!" Silly girl.

Anyway, we got another new tree, its a Autumn blaze maple, I am excited about it, its going to be gorgeous in the fall. Bob planted that and then later Bob and I went on a date to Ruby River, we hadn't been there for quite some time. We had a good time, it was just the two of us and just what we needed. We did some shopping after and headed back home to our kiddos.

Father's Day, we did nothing and I mean NOTHING. The weather was yuck and it was FREEZING. So I did laundry, Bob watched his episodes of Star Wars on the computer while I watched 16 and Pregnant, I have never watched it, but am kind of addicted. I think I am more shocked at these girls who are 16 and think they are mature enough to have babies and get married, its kind of shocking actually!

I know boring post...BUT!!!

Here is Lex new belly button, its kind of horrible looking right now. She is still swolen (I hope that doesn't last long) and she is very sensitive there. But overall she is doing amazing! She hasn't had tylonel in 24 hrs and hasn't said she hurts. She is a ROCKSTAR and I am so proud of how good she did.

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