Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Can I just have one week with no hospital visits or doctor appts? Just one, thats it, thats all I am asking for. But I am guessing the answer is NO!!!

We had our scare of the week, maybe even the month or possibly the YEAR.

We wake up early for work, I get up at 4:30 and get ready and then get the kids up at 5am, we leave the house about 5:20 and Bob drops me off. Well Ashton woke up crying and I mean screaming crying, saying his tummy hurt and that he couldn't move. He tried to go pee and couldn't, he said it hurt to bad. My first reaction was that it was something he ate, but I couldn't stop thinking about him not being able to pee. But I went to work anyway, I know I get the MOTHER OF THE YEAR award. I just wasn't sure what to do or think honestly, he wasn't throwing up, he had no diarihea (SP?) and he wasn't running a temp. WELL....I called my Mom at 8:30, she said he was still crying, he was hunched over and that he hurt BAD. So left, head to my Moms and he was uncontrolable. I couldn't calm him down at all. He said it hurt when he breathes, when he pees and when he walks. So we headed to instacare. They took us back immediately. Took a pee sample, came back fine. He was running a temp of 100.4. They looked him over and the doctor was pretty sure it was his appendix, so they got blood from him. But it came back fine. Ashton then hit the floor and was screaming in agonizing pain that he hurt so bad. The doctor then made the decision for us to head to the ER. He said they couldn't do any further tests. Well just as we head the ER Ashton says he feels better. Bob says we are getting checked out anyway and I agree. We get right back thanks to the doctor that called and said we were on our way and they do an ultrasound. Basically, they rank kids, only kids, not adults on a scale from 1 to 10, Ashton is at a 5. So right in the middle. His appendix looks good until the very bottom and its inflamed. BUT...they don't want to do surgery just yet, because he is only a 5, basically we watch him, it could take a turn for the worse and he could go straight to a 10 or he could just have a stomach virus. We will see....I hate waiting and of course the minute we left, his stomach hurts again. UGH...I NEED A VACATION!!!!


The Felds said...

I'm sorry about your little guy! You do need a vacation! Are you still going on your cruise? I would love to answer any questions you have - just shoot me an email. On the sidebar, did I read correctly that you've lost 5 lbs in THREE days?! Seriously?! WOW! Way to go!

Eric and Jenny said...

Oh man, I am so sorry you really do need a break from it all. And nothing worse than just waiting it out....so frusterating!