Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Fun...

Well we had all intentions of having BIRTHDAY FUN, but Utah had other our Birthday fun ended up being at home, well returning from the park because we got rained on. My poor Ash hasn't had the best day, he woke up having a full blown asthma attack and we started the morning with a breathing treatment. Then he didn't want to eat breakfast because he was scared. We had plans for the park and splash pad today, but got rained out and Ashton had to have another breathing treatment. Oh the joys of ASTHMA!!

But his family and friends came for his birthday and he was excited to celebrate anyway.

He couldn't get his candles to blow out, poor guy!

And his goofy self returned.

He got...squirt guns, clothes, a bug catcher, trucks, water swords and a remote control car. He was a happy BOY!!!


Eric and Jenny said...

Honestly this weather is so lame, we had to redo all Lance's plans on his birthday too, stupid rain. So sorry the day has not gone as planned, thankfully kids are usually pretty easy to please. Hope his special day is wonderful,happy birthday to your little guy.

Thiago & Teri said...

Happy birthday buddy....stupid weather ruining his fun. Carson has his heart set on a swimming party for himself next week, but I don't think its gonna happen. Where is our sunshine?? I had forgot that Ashton had asthma, no fun...too bad his day got off to a rough start. Looks like you made the most of it though!