Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All in one...

In order to get caught up, there will be several things in this post.

First, Jax is done with 1st grade, I can't believe I have a 2nd grader. I remember being in second grade at Hill Field Elementary, I had Ms. Huggins. Jax has learned so much this past year, he had the best teacher ever and I am REALLY sad that we will no longer have her. She was everything that a child needs in a teacher.

I cried after I dropped him off. I don't know what got me, but I don't want my kids to grow up. He is getting too big too fast.

Next, my Friday was not spent relaxing on the couch as I had plans for. Instead Ashton had other plans and cut his toe pretty bad. ***If you don't like blood don't scroll down.

He managed to talk to the doctor out of stitches and they dermabonded it, which was a MAJOR mistake.

Couple highlights from the night:

*When we pulled up to the hospital, Ashton asked if we could just go through the drive through (talking about the drive up).

*He told the doctor when he came in the room "Get me a bandaid, I will be fine!"

*He told the doctor he was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys.

He was full of jokes the whole night and the doctor was rolling. We made it home at 1am in the morning. I hate ER's, but of course all clinics are closed at 9pm at night, he couldn't do it 2 hrs before.

But my Saturday made up for it all...

I got my hair done including having a feather extension put in, its turquoise and I way love it.

Lexi also got her first haircut at a beauty shop.

She looks so grown up. But she was so good and loved getting her hair done, I am afraid I may have started something that is NEVER going to end.

Her hair the next day curly. She has no natural curl to her hair, I actually curl it with my straight curler. I love it this way.

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Eric and Jenny said...

I just learned about those feather extensions yesterday, I have never heard of them. And now all of a sudden today they are everywhere or maybe it's just cause I am now noticing them. So cute!

I love the way you style Lexi's hair. When Katelynn finally gets some let's have a playdate and you can teach me all you know!