Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our yard part 2

We have never really been able to do much with our yard with medical bills and everything else always taking priority in our life. But as I have mentioned Bob and I are a lot better off then we were even when we got married, we have worked REALLY hard to get where we are.

So we have decated the last couple of paydays to yard stuff, redoing our flower beds, taking out the rocks, buying plants, getting trees and etc.

We took out our ugly rocks and replaced it with shredded bark.

After eye balling this cute tree for many years, its finally mine. A Japanese Maple, I don't think there is a prettier tree, I can't wait for it to grow. Its my new baby!!

I have never had hanging baskets, I normally don't buy flowers, because they never stay alive, but I loved these and had to hae them. On the second picture you can see our ugly rocks, we haven't replaced those yet, because Bob has to tear up the water line. So that will be a project in a couple weeks.

The finished project, Bob worked so hard to make it perfect and I think it looks amazing. We added solar lights around the edge, I need to pick up about 3 more.

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Eric and Jenny said...

So many things to comment on! First the yard looks great, I love hanging flower baskets, they are my favorite.

How lucky are your kids to get a trampoline, that is such a fun surprise, there faces are too die for, so cute.

And Lexi's pink streak in her hair so makes me smile, what a big girl she is. She looks so cute and grown up.