Monday, June 30, 2014

Its what FUN is.....LAGOON

Okay, I have to say, I pretended I was 13 again.  Or maybe I wanted to be 13.  Until I realized I clearly don't dress like 13 year olds and maybe I don't want to be 13, but maybe, just maybe I want to feel like a kid for a day and I DID....well until about 4pm.

I woke up and Bob advised he wanted to either go to Lagoon or a water park.  I knew we would have ZERO fun with Lex at a waterpark as Bob experienced that a few weeks ago taking her to Classic Waterslides where I'm sure had he stayed another minute, the cops may have been called after she screamed her lungs out for the 500th time that hour.

So LAGOON it was.

I want to LOVE Lagoon and I try to love Lagoon, but truth is, I hate crowds, I hate all the chaos around and I hate worrying about whether I'm going to lose a child or not.  I even seen people that had kids with bright yellow shirts on and their parents phone numbers on them in permanent marker.  SMART THINKING.

We arrived a little after 10:30.  Walked a mile, okay it was only a quarter of a mile, but it seemed really far away.  Lex was already having a meltdown over the thought that someone was going to force her onto the white (now brown) rollercoaster and she was not going. 

As a matter of fact, this was the conversation....

"Randa, do you like that white rollercoaster?" Lexi Asked

"Not really" Says Miranda

"Cuz I don't like it either and Mommy says that if I don't like a ride, you'll stay with me!"  Lexi says

So I'm thinking, "Yup, pretty sure my sister thinks we asked her to come now, just to watch Lex while we ride rides.  WRONG!

We have 5 people in this family.  I hate odd numbers, I grew up with 5 people in my family and one of us always had to ride by our self.  I asked my sister to join us so that things would be even.  I ride with Ashton, Bob with Lexi and Miranda with Jaxon.  Little did I know that my plan wouldn't even work 5 minutes into being there.

First ride....

The BAT.

Oh my gosh, you would've thought someone was asking Lexi to ride the Worlds Largest Rollercoaster.  Nope, just this dinky little rollercoaster ride that my boys absolutely loved and were dying to go on.  It took me 15 mins to convince Lexi to walk over to is.  It then took Miranda carrying her after picking her up off the floor with tears falling down her face over to the ride.  It was hilarious and YES, I was laughing.  I know, I'm mean.  My rule, if I know its not a bad ride meaning I've been on it, then you have to try it.  You don't like it, then you don't have to go again.  If I haven't been on it and you don't want to go, then fine.  But trying is a must in my book.

This is the pouting she did until I finally told her I was calling Grandpa to come pick her up and she could clean house with them all day.  She quit and got on the ride with her Aunt Randa sitting next ot her squeezing her hand to death and ended up wanting to go again and again and again.

We had so much fun.  The priceless laughs, smiles and running from ride to ride was so worth every single dollar spent.

This was Lex first time, Jax third time and Ashtons second time, but our first time with Ashton and Lexi and all together as a family.

Bob and I got really brave and decided to go on WICKED....never again.  Nope, it will not happen.  I realized after this ride that I am indeed, NOT 13 anymore.  I'm 30 and I feel it...still today.

That ride was scary and I seriously thought my life was over.  I did not open my eyes at all and I was scared to death.

What a fun day it was even though I'm still trying to recover from running/walking all over the park that day, riding on rides that moved every bone in my body and pretending like I was a kid.

Can't wait to go back to go to the waterpark.

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