Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ashton turns EIGHT

Favorite Food:  Chips and salsa

Favorite color:  green

Favorite thing to do:  Ride my motor scooter and jump on the tramp

Favorite Person:  MOM and Grandma

Favorite drink:  Monster

Favorite Snack:  Veggie straws

Favorie Movie:  Lone Survivor

Favorite toy:  Projector

Favorite fruit:  Peach

Favorite outfit:  Black shorts with yellow and black striped shirt

Favorite place to eat:  Café Rio

Favorite Animal:  Dog

Best Friend:  Jaxon

Favorite Cereal:  Lucky Charms

Favorite Song: Pontoon

What I want to be when I grow up:  Credit Lawyer

Size Clothes: 10 pants/shorts and Medium shirt

Shoe size: 3

Other things:

*Loves spicy things

*Isn't afraid to try things atleast once

*Has a strong testimony of faith

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