Sunday, June 1, 2014

Baby Jayden - May 27th, 2014

My little Sister Autumn found out last September that she was pregnant.  This was kind of shock for the family and I had a hard time accepting it for a long time. 

My plans were to just go up after work to see how she was.  But that morning I felt like I needed to be there and after chatting with her, I made the decision to leave work to be with her.  I arrived a little after 11 and she was already dilated to a 5.  I thought for sure it'd be a long day.  But time moved quickly and shortly after I arrived she was at a 8.  Then 30 minutes later a 10.  I couldn't believe it.  I've never experienced vaginal birth or been in the room for it.  So I was thrilled. 

Jayden made his appearance a little after 12:30pm.  He was 8lbs 15oz and 22 inches long.  He stole my heart right away.  I never thought I could love someone just as much as I love my kids.  But I was proven wrong.  Being an Auntie is an amazing feeling.  I love this little guy so much.  Seeing him come into the world was amazing.  Our bodies do amazing things and I was so proud of my Sister, she was amazing during her delivery. 

So meet Jayden.

Seeing my kids with their new cousin melts my heart.  I have dreamed of this day for so long.

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