Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last day of school

This school year has flown by honestly.  I can't believe its over.  Next year I'll have a 5th, 3rd and Kindergartener. 

I feel like a failure Mom this school year.  Life was so crazy with moving after 3 months of school in Texas and then moving into a house in January.  I wasn't as strict as I probably should've been with certain things and I let a lot slide.  Next year will be completely different and I'm hoping to be a bit more organized.

Jaxon did pretty good in 4th grade.  He liked his teacher here in Utah and had no complaints about her.  She was super nice to him and he did what she wanted.  Towards the last month he was burnt out with school and started to slip on things.

Ashton did good in Second grade.  I'm looking to find him a tutor for reading and hoping things get better in that area.  His Teacher LOVED him and he LOVED her.  He would talk about her all the time.

I'm glad school is out for the summer and I'm looking forward to some fun stuff.

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