Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our 4th

We had a pretty busy 4th, but it was far better than last year.  Bob and I talked about our crazy 4th last year and how thankful we were for the friends that we had in Texas.  They kept us going during the tough times. 

I was so happy to be able to celebrate the 4th with my family again.  For a moment, it felt like a dream, because it still doesn't seem real that I moved and came back. 

We started our morning at the Layton Parade like we always do every single year.

The parade was okay, definitely not my favorite, but its tradition and I'm all about traditions. 

After, we had lunch at the park, I had my mind set on a Navajo Taco, but I couldn't find them anywhere.  So I settled for a smothered burrito which was amazing.

After we ate, the kids wanted tattoos on their face, only the boys then decided on the arms and I was perfectly okay that since Ashton wanted BRIGHT red. 

After the boys wanted to go to my parents where they turned the back of my Dads truck into a redneck pool and had a blast. 

Bob and I had volunteered to help our church with popsicles at the park.  We were there for 3 hrs and it was exhausting.  We were so busy, the time FLEW by.

After we met up with my family over at our spot at the park to watch fireworks.  This is my favorite thing to do, I love to people watch and I could seriously sit there all day if it wasn't so dang HOT.

It was truly a great day and I felt so blessed going to bed and thinking of all the things I got to do that day.  Can't wait for next year....

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Mrs. Egg said...

We were at the Layton park for fireworks also. Right across from the library. Owen got one of the swords while fun at the park. Has proven extremely annoying since.