Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bob's Birthday Celebration - Billy Bob's Country Club

My Hubby is turning 40 and I can't believe it.  When I met him he was 29 almost 30 and to think that we are NOW celebrating his 40 Birthday just seems unreal. 

Bob hates celebrating his Birthday, but I was determined to make sure he had a good one.  So I rounded up some of my family and friends since we are new to Texas and don't know many people.

I planned for Billy Bob's, which is the largest honky tonk in the world and so much fun!!

First up we had our picture taken on the bull, my face is priceless.  But when the picture was being taken, the bull vibrated, craziest thing ever.  My Cousin Bridgett and her Wife Heather, who I adore and think the world of.  These two are just so much fun to be around and so easy going.

This place in huge, there is bull riding at 9pm and 10pm, but we didn't know about it and missed it.  There is a huge gift store, a dance floor, two stages and on Saturday nights they have a big artist perform and last night was Jamey Johnson.  On other night there is a live local band or smaller band.  There is a little restaurant, a mechanical bull and tons of bars.  Its just perfect and so much fun.

Bob had a blast and it was totally out of our element, but we enjoyed every bit of it.  Thanks to my Grandparents for watching ALL 3 of the kids so we could go.

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Sunset Stanley said...

Fun!! Happy birthday Bob!