Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Instagram Update #3 - March

My beautiful Mommy just celebrated her 53rd Birthday, miss her more and more everyday.

Flat Stanley is headed to Utah to hang out with Aunt Miranda and return to Ashton's first grade class.

Ashton rockin his new shades.

My life

Cotton in ears and beanie on and she is ready to tackle the wind

So interested in whatever he is staring at.

Chopped all my hair off.

This boy is ALWAYS dancing

He has to be part human

Favorite licorice ever and hadn't tried this flavor, the watermelon is still my favorite.

Its 5am and she is wearing her sunglasses

Poor girl was still recovering from a blown ear drum and a double ear infection

Snorkel set for the ocean, lucky boy

Hot, hot

Crazy dog

Another snorkel set for the Ocean.
And that is that, my boys are gone and its quiet in my house.

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