Saturday, March 16, 2013

Instagram Update Part 2 - March

My girl and I

At the Dallas World Aquarium

Me and two of the most important in my life...

At the Fort Worth Water Gardens

More of the Dallas World Aquarium

My Ashton crashed one night on the floor

Just riding a bike

Jaxon eating his favorite Breakfast from McDonalds

More Dallas World Aquarium

My necklace I ordered with my kids names on it.

The sun coming up

Jaxon loves to mow the lawn, him and his Dad fight over who is going to mow.

Getting our tan on.

More Fort Worth Water Gardens

Officially a Texan, definitely bittersweet.

Ashton riding a pony

Ashton's invention

Ashton with his ginormous subway sandwich

We asked for a large tea and got a LARGE tea

Fresh looking haircut

Just my girl

Lexi conquering her fear and riding a pony

Family dinner out at Applebees

Two people who I look up to more than anyone


Princess and Ninja Turtles

Early Birthday celebration for my Mom

The Dallas World Aquarium again

Love these two

Bike riding

Downtown Dallas

Goofy Dog

Lex eating Seaweed

A good Texas Thunderstorm

Two puppies that mean the world to me

More Dallas World Aquarium

My sleeping beauty

My Grandpa Peavy's grave

Just me and my boy

More of the Aquarium

So photogenic

These two NEVER do this, definitely a picture moment

And more aquarium

Lexi riding the train at the Stockyards

She could jump for hours

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