Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our to do list for Texas

When I first thought about moving to Texas, the thoughts that came to my head were "What are we going to do in Texas?"  "They don't have mountains!"

Well....there is a TON to do in Texas and I'm hoping by making a list of the things we want/will do, will help us adjust better to all these changes.

So in NO particular order.

Dallas Cowboys Game
Nascar Race
Rangers game
Galveston (the beach)
Six Flags
Sea World
Science Museum
Billy Bob's Country Club
Kimball Art Museum
Botanical Gardens
Fort Worth Water Gardens
Dallas Museum of Art
Hurricane Harbor
Fort Worth Zoo
Dallas Zoo
Grapevine Vintage Railroad
JFK Tribute
Kimball Art Museum
Rahr and Son Brewing Company
Texas Civil War Museum

This is just a start of what we want to do.  There are so many thing we don't even know about.

1 comment:

Sunset Stanley said...

Wow! Tons of fun stuff to do. Justin would love Legoland!