Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break Day 1 - SURPRISE

Crazy things happened yesterday.  I spent all day running around, came home, took a quick nap and then showered and did some laundry.  I was all prepared to sit down and relax for the evening with the bachelor finale on.  It was 40 mins into the Bachelor when our doorbell rang.  Bob opened it and it was my Grandparents.  Now early my Grandma Bonnie had told us that they were going to dinner with her friends from work.  I thought it was a little strange that she was going to dinner on a Monday night.  Then I couldn't get a hold of my Sister to talk about her flight coming in the next day and I was worried, so I called my Mom and her phone went to voicemail.  She had told me earlier she was going on a bike ride with my Dad.  Which also was strange since its 30 degrees in Utah.  But I didn't say anything more.

My Grandparents said they had a surprise for us.  I was completely shocked, what surprise would they have for us?  All these thoughts kept going through my head.  I turned the corner outside my door and immediately seen my sister who was holding up her camera video taping everything, the next thing I know Jax goes running to the side of our house.  I thought maybe Miranda brought Justin with her and never in a million years did I think I would turn that corner and see my MOM.  I was so baffled, tears just flooded my eyes.  I didn't know what to say, I was so happy that all I could do was cry.  Here I was thinking my Mom would never step foot on a plane.  I was unsure of when I would see her and I tried not to think about it.  But she was standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!  I'm sure I had a permanent smile on my face for the rest of the night and here she is spending the week with us and SHE GOT ON A PLANE. 

I can't explain how I feel, its just amazing and I wish I could freeze time.  I miss my Mom and Sister so much it hurts.  I need this so bad and my Mom and Sister need this.  I'm excited to spend this week with them.

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