Monday, March 11, 2013

Life in Texas update

I think we finally have a routine down and it feels great to say that.  Things haven't been easy, but we work together as a team and that seems to work out the best. 

Monday through Thursday are pretty rough and come Friday we are ALL ready for a break.  A couple weeks ago Bob went through a really big struggle, he wanted me to take him home.  I was completely caught off guard as Bob is ALWAYS the stronger one.  He was homesick, held it all in for too long and just had a anxiety attack that was pretty scary for me.  But I told him, WE get to choose if this will be a fun adventure or a bad adventure and WE choose our happiness.  He has chosen to be happy.  Its not Utah, that's for sure and when you live somewhere for 39 years and 9 months its not an easy adjustment.

The kids all seem to be doing great.  The boys have gotten use to the early school schedule and I think we like it better.  Lex is still wanting to go home to Utah, but only says it a couple times a week where it was several times a day before.  We also got news that Lex daycare is closing a little over a week ago.  I was so worried as we had finally gotten use to the whole thing with her being in daycare and BAM.  But we quickly figured something out and my cousin Nichole will be joining us in May to be our Nanny.  I'm thrilled and excited.  Excited for my cousin as she needs this and thrilled to not have to worry about my daughter while I'm at work. 

Today Bob and I woke up bright and early, got everyone ready and headed to Arlington to get our Drivers License and car registered.  This was quite the adventure for us as we both have never had to do this in another state.  We both learned A LOT.  Texas once again is NOT UTAH.  Everything is backwards or COMPLETELY different and this was BOTH.  We thought we had to get our drivers license first in order to register our car, but we were wrong.  Instead we had to drive all the way home to print out insurance to prove we are insured in Utah and then head to the DMV to get our car registered and then get our drivers license.  During our adventure we seen Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags, Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the Texas Rangers stadium.  Kids were thrilled and wanted to know when we'll be hitting all....hopefully soon!!  Bob and I finally got everything registered and we officially have Texas License and plates.

Its definitely bittersweet.  I do miss Utah, its my home and always will be, but I'm excited to continue on this adventure in life.  Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe this is where I need to be right now in my life. 

Another exciting sister arrives tomorrow, its a surprise for my kids and we are THRILLED.  My Sister Miranda is EVERYTHING to my kids, she is definitely their second Mom and the best aunt any kid could ever ask for.  She has missed the like crazy and we've missed her.  So we'll be soaking in every single second of her being here for the next 4 days.  And then we'll have lots to update on.  So stay tuned...

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