Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last lake trip of 2012

We didn't make it to the lake very much this year, things got crazy and with Jax being gone all of July, us having a pool, camping trips and other things, we just never made it.  I'm regretting it now.  I love Pineview, I love making memories with my kids there.  I love the sand between my toes, I love the snacking on snacks, I love watching my kids build stuff out of sand and water, I love the water fights, the lounging in tubes, the sitting and watching the beautiful scenery around us.  I just love it and I am so sad we only made it a total of 3 times this summer.

It was a perfect day before the big storm hit, we got there just before 11 and left around 3, we had so much fun and even managed to get a sunburn.

I'm going to miss Summer, but I am truly ready for fall, just not freezing cold tempatures.  I'm ready for the leaves to change colors, I'm ready for the holidays and all the FAMILY FUN.

And I guess I'm ready for school to start....SIGH!!!

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