Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Instagram update

These are in no particular order, but here we go....

Bob spoiled me BIG time this year, had flowers sent to work, unfortunately I wasn't there to get them, so his co-worker dropped them off.  Love them and they were beautiful.

Ashton's asthma has been horrible this year, we do atleast one breathing treatment a week.  The fires don't help the air and the lack of rain isn't helping either.

Oh this boy, he just makes me laugh all the time.  I was having a horrible day and he said "Mommy, don't cry, I'm not going anywhere!"

Yes, this is our new once a weekend thing, Avocado tomato grill cheese.....HEAVEN ON EARTH!!

My boys weren't approved to ride the bus yet since we're on a variance, so I've been picking them up and Grandma takes them.  Its fun to watch them come out.

Breakfast for dinner, omlette with mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers and a side of hashbrowns with salsa on top. 

These two, they crack me up, but I love them both to death!

Our dinners are very interesting lately since Bob and I don't eat red meat anymore.  This night we had a mixed rice, broccoli and white fish.

Baby piglets and their Momma at the Utah State fair, love going and seeing all the fun animals.

Fall decorations, I seriously love putting out my fall stuff, its definately my favorite decoration season, I even like it better than Christmas.

My wreath I made, it actually looks different now, I added some more ribbon and leaves.

First day of school, I have some handsome boys.  Ashton was so excited, Jax, he was excited, but you can't tell.

My work snacks, a bag of apples, a banana, a bag of celery, a bag of carrots and some grapes.

Every month I change out the O in my HOME wood letters, I love figuring out what I'm going to do for each season.

This boy, he was having a bad day talking about starting school back up and he was telling me about a mean playground duty teacher, oh it broke my heart.

Jaxon was sawing wood to burn in the fire pit, he definately all BOY!!!

Oh this makes me think a lot about my oldest just looking at it.  Jaxon came to me yesterday after school and said "Mom, I got this for you because you've been sad!'  He got a hundred on his spelling test and instead of getting himself something, he got me this to cheer me up.  OH, I never doubt that my kids can bring my spirits up.

My Daughter, she is quite the one.  The other night after dressing herself for bedtime, because she is BIG enough to do it, she came down to get her hair brushed out and she said she didn't like panties so she was wearing them over her pants.  Well that didn't last long, Daddy made her change, I'm just glad he had to be the bad person and not me.

Silly girl

Trying to get this girl to eat her veggies, so I always have to bribe her with stuff.

I love doing hair, this day we did pigs and braids.

The one thing I can say about this girl is that she can definately entertain herself.

Lexi passed out after the fair, going down the BIG YELLOW SLIDE made her exhausted.

My cutie

His nose was cold so he put his paw over it to keep it warm, seriously how cute is that?

This is how much Nova likes the leash, oh I laughed so hard the entire day, he did not like it.

Fresh Raspberries, so yummy!

I'm obsessed with colored skinny jeans, I have red, coral, mint and blue right now, but I want a pink, purple and yellow pair.

Pumpkin cream cheese muffin and a skinny iced caramel Macchiato, it cheered me up, just a little!!

Love this!

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