Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer

This summer has flown by, actually, this year has FLOWN by, I can't believe that another school year is starting.  I'm happy and sad.  Happy because my kids get to meet new people and learn.  Sad, because it seems like life flies by and before you know it your kids are graduated.  I want my babies to stay babies and so lately I've been thinking about the last 8, 6 and 3 years of each of theirs lives, how I felt when they were born, what they did growing up until now, how they each are different in their own ways and how my heart grows bigger and bigger every single.

Jaxon is starting third grade, I remember third grade myself, it was my last year at Hill Field Elementary at Hill Air Force Base before I moved to EG King in Layton.  It was the last year we lived on base before my parents built their house.  I can't believe my first born is old enough for this, I can't believe that he is almost half way through Elementary. 

Jaxon has grown a ton over the last year or so.  He loves reading and spelling, he loves airplanes, listening to music (we are already fighting about this) and watching Discovery Channel. 

Ashton is starting first grade, my first grade teacher will forever hold a special place in my heart, I truly believe she changed my life, she was the most loving caring person ever and I hope she is doing wonderful. 

Ashton, I have no doubt will excell in first grade, I think he is a little behind in some areas and sometimes I wish I would've started him a little later, but he is so big that I didn't want him questioning it.  We'll see how he does this year and he may need to attend a reading program next summer.  Ashton is by far my most stubborn, but I believe his stubborness is what keeps him going.  Ashton loves playing outside with NO SHOES, making a mess, coloring and watching Cartoon Network. 

And this little girl, oh boy is she super intelligent, we are trying to get her into a immersion program to start next year.  I want her to learn another language and Bob agrees.  This little girl talks so well that Bob and I would be wrong if we didn't get her into some kind of program.  If we can't get her in next year, we'll put her in a preschool and try for Kindergarten.  We'll see what happens.

Lexi loves having a SASSY attitude, I guess that comes with being a girl.  She STILL loves Dora, singing songs, riding her bikes, playing outside and trying to stay out of trouble....LOL

So another year, come and gone, I can't believe it.  Back to school and our lives will change again.

Oh my babies, how you have grown, I know you'll all do wonderful things in life, I hope you know that I am always here for you, your #1 cheerleader, I want nothing but the best and I will fight for YOU.

Loved this, found it on Pinterest, I think we all learn by making mistakes, I know I have and continue to do.  I am not the perfect Mom, but I try and I learn everyday.

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